Sunday, October 28, 2007

We Are Proud To Announce...

We won second prize in the trunk trunk decorating contest at our ward party. We decided that we were going to dress our trunk up instead of dressing up ourselves. We also were fortunate enough to hold our neighbor's baby (We like to take care of her and pretend that she's ours... but we are happy to give her back as soon as she cries or has a stinky diaper.)
Here are a few more shots of our trunk.
Fishin' for treats!
Needless to say, we had a pretty good first experience with trunk-or-treating.

Friday, October 26, 2007


This past weekend was a VERY tough one. My parents have decided to move out of the house they have been in for 35 years. I've tried not to think very much about it, but I think it will be hard going back to Boulder and not "going home". Andrew keeps telling me that we can still drive by... I guess that is supposed to be some consolation. The new house looks beautiful and I'm sure it will feel like home in no time.
It was hard work moving all of our stuff, but I we managed to have a good time in the process.
Okay, five bucks goes to anyone who can tell me what is in this moldy packet.
50 cans of motor oil...25 cans engine grease...10 cans of pest control 1 packed up garadge... PRICELESS
Jo Jo doesn't quite know what to do with himself now that everything is packed up. I think one of the bigger concerns of moving is how Joge will get around on the wood floors. I'll keep everyone updated on that one.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Andrew's Mission Reunion

It was time for the annual Mission Reunion. It was nice to see so many friendly faces again. It was also nice to see all of the new faces (there have been quite a few babies born.)
Andrew, Nathan, Mark, and Baby Cala
Stephanie and I were so glad to have each other.
After the typical introduction... "Elder Baron!" Hey, do you remember such and such? Oh, is this your wife? Insert more mission memories here" Stephanie and I decided to excuse ourselves and try doing some cart-wheels down one of the vacant hallways- in heels, might I add.
We finished up with one of my favorite restaurants NOODLES!
We were a little loopy after spending a few hours trying to be reserved.