Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kiawah Island Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving week was Amazing. We went to South Carolina and enjoyed it completely!
The HBA (Heaton, Baron, and Atwood) Dads won the sand castle contest!
This was our first attempt at a sand Christmas tree. We were just happy a few people recognized what it was.
Can you find our carnivorous friend?
Austin was afraid of Santa. Maybe he'll still get some presents from him?
This was taken in Charleston. It's such a fun town!
Hopefully we do it again next year!!!

Austin's Birthday Party

Somebody needed a little help opening presents.
Can you find Grandma Marcia in this picture? She was so nice to play with all the kids while the parents ate.
Here are a few pictures from baby A's birthday party. He was exhausted by the end of the night, but it was still fun. I need to give a huge thank you to Carly for helping me do the cakes! I couldn't have done it without you Carly!!!!
I think I'll have a few proud Mommy moments and brag about my guy. He waves to everything, people, animals, bathwater etc. I'm not sure where he picked this one up, but if I say "No, No, No" he'll wave his pointer finger at me. He dances all the time (arms waving and bootie shaking.) Everyday is better than the last.