Saturday, August 9, 2008

99 days to go!

I have been sending the belly pictures to the family every now and then, but I've had a few requests to see the "fatness". Andrew and I chose the blog theme song together. We had ourselves a pretty good laugh- I hope you do too! Also, I'm proud to announce that I still have an innie! (This is NOT going to last long) We're now taking bets on when it will pop. Any guesses? I think this little guy has finally earned himself a name. After hundreds of suggestions there is only ONE name that we can agree on. Drum roll please....... Austin. We're pretty sure we'll call him Austin Andrew Baron. We'll see when he gets here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What a wonderful Welcome Home Weekend!

Spencer (Andrew's brother) came home from his mission in Korea last weekend. He was a really good sport about having major jet lag, and a family that was ready to party. He told us that everything about coming home was different... With Spencer still in full missionary mode we all decided to go for some Indian food. The Baron's have been going to this same restaurant for many years and have always had the same great experience... but this dinner was slightly different. Just as we were settling into our appetizers SHE- appeared. The Belly dancer. I imagine that she was good at dancing, but we all felt so bad that this girl was giving tame lap dances in front of Spencer. (He hadn't been released for more than 24 hours) The real kicker was when the 5 year old kids at the table next to us started to put dollar bills in the dancer's skirt. Poor guy, but hilarious memory.
The "Dancer" in the flesh. Secretly , Andrew and I wanted to go and dance with her...
Now, you can't think I'm a bad mother after looking at this picture. I got an extra large life jacket that gave Baby extra padding for the ride. It was SO much fun! Thanks Peter! Peter also rented a pontoon boat. We think it was more of a "booze cruise" boat because it didn't go over about 10ish mph and it had a safety cord that attached to the driver.
Here is Peter pretending to Booze it up on the Booze Cruise!
Here is Rebecca being glamorous!
For those of you who have seen "Talladega Nights" this one is for you! We flew out of Birmingham and this was along the highway. We weren't expecting such entertaining scenery. We had a wonderful weekend, and we can't wait to see the family again soon!