Saturday, January 31, 2009

At least he's cute...

Grandma Rinda sent this comic to us. At 2 o'clock this morning it made me feel MUCH better. :) We're writing this post especially for Austin's great Aunt who is also awake at 2 in the morning and checks the blog. So, this one is for you!
Living in the bible belt- we have to practice being outwardly spiritual. Austin in no exception! See how well he says "I see the light!"
I threw this picture in to show how big he's getting. We think his little face is changing. I'm not sure he's ever really been baby faced. We call him our "little man" and that's just what he looks like.
We have a really hard time with "tummy time" in our house. When we lie him down on the blanket he just tries to find something to eat (usually his hand) and face plants. That really isn't much of a problem, but he just keeps his little head pressed into the blanket and doesn't move...
Last night this was our alternative to tummy time. We sat him in the bumbo and he did really well keeping his head up. He got tired after a while and chased his hand with his mouth (a frequent occurrence).
I've fallen and I can't get up! (I really can't, but it's okay because I can eat my hand)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family Fun in Texas!

We were very excited to have Nate, Anjanette, Katelyn, and Sadie come to visit. It was so good to see them! Thanks for coming guys! This is at our favorite crepe restaurant in downtown Dallas. It's our attempt to be cultured... Anjanette and Katelyn. Katelyn was having her very first piece of gum in this picture. Nate and Sadie. We went to the JP Morgan building in Downtown Dallas. (It's the building with the big hole in the middle) The building was locked, but the security guard was nice enough to let us in and give us access to the sky lounge. We felt pretty high profile. The sky lounge was BEAUTIFUL! Sweet Katelyn Andrew practicing for our next baby... This one is for Nate- you can thank me later!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What I wake up to

When I leaned over Austin's crib this morning- this is what was waiting for me. I love it! We had our 2 month appointment last Wednesday and we're still topping the charts in the 90%. He is 14 lbs 5 oz and 25.5 inches long and 44cm head circumference. 98% for height, 97% for weight and 90% in head size. Men's Big and Tall here we come. I'm thinking he'll have his dad outgrown by the time he's 14.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Austin's Blessing

We are so spoiled. We got to have both sets of parents in Georgia for Austin's baby blessing. (Thanks mom and dad for making the trip.) Andrew did a beautiful job blessing Austin and luckily Austin didn't cry, pass any gas, or have any blowouts. He must have known it was a special day. I also have to add a thanks to Ginger for taking such great notes. We have such thoughtful friends! More Pictures will follow.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What a Holly Jolly Christmas--- and New Year

After traveling to Georgia for Christmas and New Years Austin is demonstrating how we are all feeling. As they say in the south- "We're tuckered out." We didn't anticipate how much stuff it takes to travel with a baby. Wow! I am now a little more sympathetic to families trying to get through airport security. Luckily, Austin has great grandparents and they help make traveling easier. I think they want us to come back. I'm using the term "us" loosely... I think us means Austin. Santa brought Austin a Santa outfit. He has the bowl full of jelly, but we're still working on him saying "Ho ho ho." Andrew grew up having great Christmas Eve traditions. They do Christmas crackers, play bingo and the candy bar game, and read the Christmas story. It was so much fun to start these traditions in our own little family... even if Austin couldn't really appreciate them. He tried to hold on to the Christmas cracker for the picture. Our little Man has become more and more alert over the past two weeks. He has also started to smile more. I'm having a really hard time smiling at him and getting a good picture so y'all will just have to use your imagination. We both got new coats for Christmas- we're still working on our super model poses. We celebrated the new year with fireworks, family, and friends. I don't think life gets any better.