Thursday, December 23, 2010

Such a Special Christmas

I know it's not Christmas yet, but it has already been a really special one for the Barons. We have been the lucky recipients of the 12 days of Christmas this year. I have gone through our list of friends over and over in my mind and really have no idea who is doing such a sweet thing for us. Honestly, we have wonderful friends and it could be any one of them.
I want to share why this has been such a neat experience for our family. I'm not posting this to air our trials on the internet, but rather to express our gratitude to whoever did this for us. I think they made more of an impact on our Christmas than they are probably aware. I'd like to think that we're not really a "needy" family. We are very blessed with two beautiful children, a nice home, a job, testimonies of the gospel, presents under the tree, and many other things. Saying that, this past month has come with many blessings and trials for us. We have had the joy/ exhaustion/ challenge/ and love for a new baby. We've all endured 2 rounds of the flu, some troubling news about Andrew's health, car trouble and an investment go very wrong. These types of months are the ones that coin the saying "When it rains- it pours!" One night when I was feeling especially sorry for myself and particularly onery...during what was probably the climax of my bad mood there was a knock on the door. When I opened the door there was a basket, sweet note, and a manger scene. I immediately began to cry because I had become very aware of the love and awareness my Father in Heaven had for me. It was amazing how qickly my heart was softened. I am still very touched that somebody would be so giving and thoughtful to our family weather or not they were aware of our current trials.
Here is a picture of the completed manger scene. (minus the little baby lamb that went to bed with Austin) Each night we were given a new piece of the manger, a card and an activity, or goodie of some sort. So, to whoever you are, thank you. Thank you for renewing my testimony of Christ's birth and helping me remember the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to everyday. Thank you for making us feel so loved. Thank you for taking the time to make our family's Christmas "Merry and Bright." We love you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photo shoot!

Don't mind his baby acne... Sorry son, this might be an indicator of your teenage years.
Every baby needs to be a "supermodel" sometimes... right? I couldn't let the 2nd child syndrome go on any longer and got a few cute photos of Tyler. Thanks to my wonderful photographer friends! He started to smile yesterday, but I'm having a hard time capturing them on camera. We love our growing family.
Austin kept cracking big "CHEESE" smiles. He can't have Tyler stealing the show!