Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Only another 350 more days...

Until Christmas comes again. Even though we were in Colorado- Santa still knew where to find us. Every time we go to Colorado we find ourselves jam packed with seeing friends, family, and doing all the things you can only do in Colorado. I love it! Austin was incredibly spoiled, but that's not news to anyone. Here is the little man himself.
Christmas Morning
Look Mom! My feet reach the stirrups!
We couldn't keep Austin out of the fountain. Austin and Sophie in their favorite toy. Isn't it amazing how you can spend money on Christmas presents and the BOX is the favorite toy? I think we'll save ourselves and just give Austin shipping supplies next year. Boxes, packing paper, and Styrofoam peanuts... I think I'm on to something.
Here's a VERY short video of the little guy trucking around in the snow. What you can't see is Sophie about 5 steps ahead of him. He loved following her around.