Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love this phase!

Tyler is at the most adorable stage. You know the one where you can put him down and he stays there and entertains himself? I'm loving every second of it... and enjoying it while it lasts!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sadly, we're not above bribing our children. Oh, Mom... are you holding puffs?
Oh... a puff trail! I like this!
I'll crawl for that!

Life in the Baron House

We've been busy lately. In-N-Out came to Texas a few months ago. The lines have been so insane that we withheld the goodness from ourselves. One night when Austin was being especially rambunctious I sent he and Andrew to get burgers. It was a win-win. I had some piece and quiet for a good half hour while they were gone- and we all had good burgers!
This little Ty Guy got his first haircut. He was a very wiggly guy and VERY interested in the comb.
Austin experienced his first glow stick bath. It was a HUGE hit! He still tries to take a bath with his glow sticks that have long since lost their glow.
Andrew and I have been slowly getting our house organized. Translation: starting our child labor early. :) Austin probably shredded about 200 papers for me and loved every minute of it.
Aaaaaaaaaaannd to finish off this post another outing for fast food. We hit chick-fil-a for their free meal day. The catch? You must dress up like a cow. We took our little herd over to get our food. I should give a huge thanks to Andrew who was completely humiliated through the entire experience. He still went- all decked out in his cow get up AND let me get this picture.
It's hard to see Austin's spots/ scribbles, but he decorated his own shirt. Can you see his one little hoof that is glued to his shoe?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Better picture?

Thanks Carly for taking such darling pictures of the kids today!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You be the judge...

Does this look like a disaster or not? You be the judge. I think our photographer had some great ideas in mind. I just don't love the photos of our family. (The fact that our eyes aren't open in 2 of the 4 photos she took of our family might have something to do with it...)It's a bird... It's a plane... It's superman in the corner!
This was her really cool idea... She was trying to line up the mountains in every one's shot. It was a very creative photo and pretty awesome. Hopefully we can keep our eyes open next time...

Monday, July 4, 2011

The big 26!

I had an awesome birthday this year. I was incredibly spoiled with family, friends, good food, presents, and fun!
Our amazing friends, the Wrights, came up to celebrate with us. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life! Thanks again Christie for coming!
Austin sang me "Happy Birthday" all day long! It was very darling.
Another very sweet friend made me these for my special day. She showed up on my doorstep singing and I thought "Wow, spaghetti? That was... Thoughtful?" Upon closer inspection I found that they were delicious cupcakes complete with ferror rochet meatballs.
It was a day well celebrated by everyone! Thanks for a wonderful Birthday!!

We miss the mountains!

Here are a few things that we learned on our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.
1.) Santa lives there. If you thought he lives at the North Pole you should talk to Austin. He thinks that elk are reindeer and I'm pretty sure on our next trip he's going to wonder why they don't fly.
2.) Just because it's June doesn't mean that most, or any, of the snow will be melted.
3.) Make sure everyone has a sturdy walking stick for the hike. The trail was VERY slippery, given that we were hiking on a foot and a half of snow pack. Austin thought it was a blast to hurl himself sliding down the trail while Daddy kept him from sliding down the mountain. This is the best picture I got. You have to look closely to see Austin's grin.
4.) Bring a change of pants for the car ride home. Pants are bound to be wet either from the wet snow...or the terror.
5.) Lastly, leave the babies home with Grandma. They're too cute to subject to a possible slippery catastrophe!
Goodbye mountains! We'll miss you!


We traveled to Colorado to see my (Mandy's) family. It was so fun to see all of my Aunts, uncles, and cousins with their new little babies. We watched everyone run the Bolder Boulder, hit the Boulder creek festival, celebrated our anniversary and played in the mountains. It's a crazy sensation going back to Colorado. Even after being gone for almost 10 years it still feels like home. I think I could go and stay for a month and not get sick of it. I wonder if that feeling will always stay with me? That being said, we love Texas too and don't see ourselves moving any time soon. (Even if I do hate these hot summers with a passion!) Here we are standing in front of Boulder Creek.
Don't worry, no ducks were harmed during the race. All of those yellow shirts say "Duck Rescue." Here we are with my sister and niece. There were so many things at the festival for Austin to soak up! There were train rides, bounce houses canoe lessons in a swimming pool, rubber duck races, etc. It was a little chilly walking from the car to the festival so we grabbed Austin's jacket. At one point he decided to make a mad dash down the road (not an uncommon activity) and in all the commotion the jacket went missing. Luckily as we drove through the streets, hours later, we found the jacket. Tender mercies. I wasn't about to buy him a new coat in June.