Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life in the Baron House

We've been busy lately. In-N-Out came to Texas a few months ago. The lines have been so insane that we withheld the goodness from ourselves. One night when Austin was being especially rambunctious I sent he and Andrew to get burgers. It was a win-win. I had some piece and quiet for a good half hour while they were gone- and we all had good burgers!
This little Ty Guy got his first haircut. He was a very wiggly guy and VERY interested in the comb.
Austin experienced his first glow stick bath. It was a HUGE hit! He still tries to take a bath with his glow sticks that have long since lost their glow.
Andrew and I have been slowly getting our house organized. Translation: starting our child labor early. :) Austin probably shredded about 200 papers for me and loved every minute of it.
Aaaaaaaaaaannd to finish off this post another outing for fast food. We hit chick-fil-a for their free meal day. The catch? You must dress up like a cow. We took our little herd over to get our food. I should give a huge thanks to Andrew who was completely humiliated through the entire experience. He still went- all decked out in his cow get up AND let me get this picture.
It's hard to see Austin's spots/ scribbles, but he decorated his own shirt. Can you see his one little hoof that is glued to his shoe?

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Amber said...

oh chik-fil-a... how I love you. and miss you. and crave you.
I'm drooling. Seriously.