Monday, July 4, 2011

We miss the mountains!

Here are a few things that we learned on our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.
1.) Santa lives there. If you thought he lives at the North Pole you should talk to Austin. He thinks that elk are reindeer and I'm pretty sure on our next trip he's going to wonder why they don't fly.
2.) Just because it's June doesn't mean that most, or any, of the snow will be melted.
3.) Make sure everyone has a sturdy walking stick for the hike. The trail was VERY slippery, given that we were hiking on a foot and a half of snow pack. Austin thought it was a blast to hurl himself sliding down the trail while Daddy kept him from sliding down the mountain. This is the best picture I got. You have to look closely to see Austin's grin.
4.) Bring a change of pants for the car ride home. Pants are bound to be wet either from the wet snow...or the terror.
5.) Lastly, leave the babies home with Grandma. They're too cute to subject to a possible slippery catastrophe!
Goodbye mountains! We'll miss you!

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Amber said...

HAHAHA. Pants wet from terror. I love it.