Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photo shoot!

Don't mind his baby acne... Sorry son, this might be an indicator of your teenage years.
Every baby needs to be a "supermodel" sometimes... right? I couldn't let the 2nd child syndrome go on any longer and got a few cute photos of Tyler. Thanks to my wonderful photographer friends! He started to smile yesterday, but I'm having a hard time capturing them on camera. We love our growing family.
Austin kept cracking big "CHEESE" smiles. He can't have Tyler stealing the show!


Zarah said...

Love the pictures! Tyler is so cute! Can't wait to see him!

Annelise said...

Mandy!! It's been forever since I've checked your blog! Wow, I can't believe Austin is two and now you have Tyler (By the way he is adorable baby acne and all, honestly a CUTE BABY!! Good job mom and dad!) It sounds like life is going well for you, I'm so glad. Keep up the posts, I'll do better at following you since your blog is so darn cute!