Thursday, April 23, 2009

While (Mom thought) You Were Sleeping

You were tearing up your crib and eating it. I knew it was too quiet in there.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and our 5 month old

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope the holiday was filled with joy and candy! Our holiday was a pretty quiet one, but it was fun to spend it as a family. I think it goes without saying that Austin was VERY spoiled. His Grandmas sent him outfits and goodies, and the Easter Bunny brought him candy that he could share with his parents. We died eggs for FHE, but Austin was pretty sleepy through the whole thing. (Okay, I actually woke him up from his nap so I could take some pictures... I guess I can't blame him for not smiling. I look pretty glazed over when I'm woken up too.) And just in case you didn't know- Dad's shoulders are the absolute best place to look for easter eggs. Austin was 5 months old yesterday and a little bundle of joy he is! He's still a big boy that loves to smile, talk, and laugh. He loves the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and his favorite song is the bumble bee song. He loves to stand on his feet, but he still needs some help from his Mom and Dad. We love him so much!!!