Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A much needed update

This past month has been a busy one! We're finally starting to feel settled in our house. There are still walls that need to be painted and pictures that need to be hung, not to mention a pile of clothes too, but we're so glad to be in a bigger space! I keep waiting to take pictures because I want the house to look nice, but that might never happen. We've had quite a few mile stones over the past month so for posterity's sake... Austin got his first tooth in the middle of June. I guess I should really say he got his first teeth. His mandibular central incisors to be exact. What, I get excited about teeth. :) He was a trooper through the experience. We didn't even notice that he had gotten any teeth in except for when my mom gave him a drink from her water glass we heard clinking. I hope the rest of the teeth are that easy. Another first is that Austin can now get himself into the sitting position. I still haven't seen it in action, but have seen the results. We also had our first 4th of July as a family. I tried to be very festive this year and got the matching shirts, hanging stars, and table decorations. We'll see if I can keep that one up a few kids later. (Can you sense the heavy sarcasm?) And last, but not least, Austin is REALLY trying to crawl. He tries to move his little legs and hasn't figured out the arms yet. It's fun to have a yoga partner though... Austin and Daddy enjoying a walk. Daredevil Dad is always trying to see what new fun tricks he can do with Austin. We've also been doing lots of swimming. I think Austin prefers just to play with his toys in the pool and stay dry. I can sense a great summer AND winter toy. Score!