Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just like Mom...

Lately, Austin has been wanting to do things just like me. I think he's pretty adorable.
Here's my little helper guy. In this first picture he got into my mascara. I had told him earlier that morning that mascara goes on your eyes... darn it! Here he's helping me mop the kitchen floor. The whole bucket of water ends up on the floor, but at least he's learning... right?

33 Weeks and Counting...

I was really good about taking pregnancy shots when I was pregnant with Austin, but for some reason this kid is already getting treated like the 2nd child. It might have to do with the almost 2 year old I constantly find myself chasing. I'm also hoping that the decorations on the fireplace will take away from my less attractive features. :)
We have 6 or 7 weeks left until little Tyler makes his entrance into the world. Oh, and I guess I haven't really made the name public yet. I think we'll name him Tyler Alton Baron. Tyler doesn't have any meaning to us, but Alton was my Grandfathers name.
Life has been so busy for us that I haven't had as much time to dwell on pregnancy. For me, this is a positive. I don't find myself counting the days wishing that the end would get here faster. I'm actually slightly terrified to have 2 kids, but I also know that people have been doing it for thousands of years and that we will be just fine!
We have