Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

What our little man woke up to.
Hot dog doughnuts. An Austin favorite!
He finally grasped opening presents, and even got excited about what designs were on the wrapping paper. The balloon paper was the favorite.
Thomas the train cake. We keep hearing "ALL ABOARD!"
I don't know where the last 2 years have gone. Our sweet little guy isn't so little anymore.
We started off his special day with doughnuts. He loves "pig in a blanket" doughnuts. We then opened presents throughout the day. He was completely spoiled and loved every minute of it!
Later that night we had a few (a very few) friends over to have cake and ice cream. Austin's favorite part was probably having everyone sing Happy Birthday to him and then blowing out his candle.
We love our sweet little man and his fun little personality. He is constantly making us laugh and cracking jokes. His favorite things right now are candy (I know, it's sad), Tyler, baths, snuggling, going across the street to see the neighbor's dogs, and reading stories with Dad.
Happy Birthday, Austin. We love you very much!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tyler Alton Baron

Tyler Alton Baron made his debut on Monday. We were anxious to meet this little fellow, but also hoping that he would wait until the induction day to arrive. He listened to him mama's numerous pleas and did come when we were hoping.
Here's the story...
I was scheduled for an induction at 7:30 Monday morning. I called the hospital at 5:30 to make sure that they would have room for us and they said that they did. I got myself and Andrew up and showered and we got ready for the morning only to be called back at 6:15 and told not to come in to the hospital until 9:00. I'm grateful that we weren't stuck in the hospital waiting room, but was really frustrated at the time because we had already gotten up and ready. It did give us a chance to say goodbye to Austin and get him settled in with my sister. (My sweet sister flew in to watch Austin for us while we were in the hospital)
We got to the hospital at about 9:00 and didn't get into our room until about 9:45. They started my IV at about 10:00 and pitocin soon after that. I was dilated to about a 4 upon arrival and was about a 5 by 11:00. I got my epidural about noon and my water broke about 15 minutes later. Thank heavens for anesthesia! Little Tyler had had a bowel movement in the amniotic fluid, so that was the only hiccup in our whole experience.
I stayed dilated 5 until about 1:55 was at a 6 at 2:05 and was at a 10 by 2:20. I had a wonderful labor and delivery nurse that was amazingly thorough. I could tell that the contrations were getting slightly more intense... but had no idea my body was progressing so fast. I was told not to move or laugh for fear that Tyler would come before my doctor got there. We crossed our fingers (and our legs) for 15 minutes until my doctor got there pushed through 2 contractions and Tyler was born at 2:43. He was a long 22 inches and 8lbs 9oz. He screamed for a good 5 minutes after coming and so the NICU nurses were not worried about the amniotic fluid getting into his lungs. We are all very happy and healthy.
Thanks to everyone for all of the love, support, meals, babysitting and visits we have been recieving. We have the best family and friends ever!!