Saturday, May 31, 2008

We've been bad bloggers-

The past month has been awesome! We've had so much going on- where do we start? The weekend before memorial day weekend we got to go to Moab. People drive from all over the country to travel to Moab and we hadn't gone when we live in the state. Unthinkable! We had quite the time trying to find somewhere to camp out, but we eventually found the perfect spot (and we think it was legal). We found our camping spot in the middle of the night- and this is what we woke up to the next morning. Beautiful!
We realized that we had been driving along this small cliff in the dark to find our camping spot. Luckily there was a full moon to help us navigate. Whew!
This is how attractive the both of us look after a night of camping!
We've also had a fun time hanging out with the family this month. We spent memorial day weekend with Lance and Stacy and Ashton and Zarah. Here is my one picture from Tucannos. It is Lance eating a chicken heart. Delish! Some of our other good news this month is that I passed all of my dental hygiene boards. There were many sleepless nights spent worrying about them. So, that is a HUGE relief off of the shoulders!!!! Come July I will finally be able to get a job as a hygienist. Hooray! We also found out that our quad of apartments got the "Clean stairwell award". I laughed pretty hard when I saw that they were taking nominations... and even harder when I came home to find the certificate and pop sickle. What fun memories! And lastly, for the family- here are the belly pictures. I got big quick! No, actually this was taken after we went bowling with Lance and Stacy. Here is the real belly picture at 13 weeks. There's nothing really to see, but I figured it will be fun to look back in 6 months. The only change I notice is that it's hard to get my pants zipped up. I'll post more later.


Brianne said...

Um, you are still a skinny binny. I want to go camping!!! That looks like so much fun. Don't leave. Texas has humidity and its not fun at all. There are bugs the size of your head and...well maybe you two should just stay at our apartment until we get kicked out:)

Ryan and Ashley said...

Your belly is so tiny, I cant wait to see it grow!

John and Chantalle Bishop said...

What fun pictures, and congrats! That is so exciting! Tres Bien :)