Saturday, October 31, 2009

10 minute trick-or-treating

  • 1: Take screaming baby and throw on a lion costume.
  • 2: Take a know it all toddler and insert into ladybug costume.
  • 3. Make sure kids have shoes on before they make a beeline for the door.
  • 4. Have the camera ready (we mean have your finger on the button-so you can catch the fleeting smile)
  • 5. Go to neighbor #1 who has the bowl of candy that says "please take ONE"... Yeah, Right.
  • 6. Go to neighbor #2 who doesn't answer the door, but is clearly home.
  • 7. Go to neighbor #3 who opens the door before you even have to ring the doorbell and lets the toddlers pick their own candy... Sophie grabbed the whole bowl.
  • 8. Go to neighbor #4 who comes to the door, but doesn't have any candy and forgot it was Halloween. Oh Come On!
  • 9. Go home!
Our trick or treating went from 6:45- 6:55. What can we expect from a couple of 1 year olds? All in all, it was a very successful night! Enjoy TONS of pictures. These are for the Grandmas!
We were so speedy- all Becky had time to take a picture of was our behinds.
Cute as a bug!
King of the neighborhood!
She thinks she's flying!
I am Austin... Hear me ROAR! The Spoils.
THE PUMPKIN PATCH We bought the first pumpkin Sophie liked. (But gave it to Austin shhhhhhhhh) Sophie made it through the maze. It was pretty easy if a 1 year old can do it... We'll skip that part next year. Austin's favorite part was the bunnies. He tried to strangle the duck, but that's okay because there was another one. Sophie actually petted the was shocking since she usually whines if any animal gets too close to her. Oh and then she almost poked it's eye out!
What talent Uncle Bryce and Aunt Becky have at carving pumpkins! This is my masterpiece I call "Haunted Austin." I thought I would be artistic and try to carve his face into a pumpkin... I think I'll wait a few years, or twenty, before trying this again. Can you see any resemblance? Happy Halloween from the Barons and the Carpenters!


Abby Rae said...

Fun Halloween! We had a pretty fun one here in Provo too, and was all done by 7:00 :) Nice work on the Austin pumpkin...I can definitely see a resemblance!

Melissa Zuber said...

Cute! I love that it was ten minutes! Abbey did one house two years ago and thought that way it. She was so happy! Cute Lion!

Jana said...

CUTE! I love his costume! Looks like you guys had a blast even though it was only 10 minutes. But too bad Austin didn't score more candy for you guys ;)

Zarah said...

Austin makes such a cute lion! Sophie is just an adorable lady bug. Sounds like you guys had fun! By the way, I think you did a great job carving that pumpkin!

Alyssa/Jo said...

That is hilarious!! I can't believe someone forgot about Halloween. Little kid costumes are so cute so even if it only lasted 10 min, it's totally worth it.

Amber said...

love your pumpkins and the lion costume!!!