Friday, April 16, 2010

Grammie and Papa

Austin's new favorite person is Papa. He's been gone for almost a week and Austin walks around like a lost puppy sayind "Papa?"
We were SO blessed to have Andrew's Dad, Mom, and little sisters come to visit. They were awesome company and they helped us out so much!!! The girls did so much mothering for me I'm pretty sure I'm going to fly them out this summer so they can mother for me some more. :)
We spent some time in Dallas visiting the gardens and eating at some fabulous restaurants.
Daddy and Austin- watching the bats in Austin.
We also spent some time in San Antonio. I could totally see myself living in Austin one day, but that might be a little weird for the little guy.
We started off the week by watching General Conferance and of course... eating wonderful food.


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Erin said...

I lov Austin and we plan on moving there someday...I also liked the name Austin but we decided that since we wanna live there, it probably wouldn't bea good idea if we have a boy!