Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crazy little thing called "Life"

What is this a picture of? 
 If you said "Austin standing in his un derwear... at the pumpkin patch"  you would be right! 

Now, I'm sure you're wanting to know WHY on earth this happened.  It all started one fine Monday morning.  We were all very excited to go to the pumpkin patch with our friends.  Upon arriving to the pumpkin patch, Austin immediately started running around.  A few minutes later he came back, climbed into the stroller and proceeded to vomit all over himself.  Luckily, we were standing over a pile of hay.  Don't worry, the mess is probably still there infecting other poor souls!  (When I asked the worker if I could take care of the mess he told me to just leave it there.) 

So there we were at the pumpkin patch with puke all over us-in a field- no change of clothes-- and a 30 minute drive home.  Awesome!  Luckily a very sweet man let us tidy up in his bathroom AND I happened to have a onesie in my diaper bag.

Did you know that a 9 month sized onesie can also fit an (almost) 3 year old?  Here is the proof!

That is the end of our story.  Don't worry, I still managed  sure to get my pictures. 
Puke covered, or not. 

And thank you to my wonderful friend who sat in the back seat with Austin and held the bucket (... or blanket) for him the whole way home!


Jana said...

Cute! Well, not so cute for you I'm sure. But good story! I can't believe our boys are already (and almost) 3!!! Seems like last week we were chatting online about preparing to have them!! And, by the way, Carson just saw Austin's picture and asked if he could play with him. Too bad Texas is too far for a play date ;).

Mark and Adrienne said...

What a fun picture of Austin in his underwear at a pumpkin patch! It must have been a little like a nightmare for you but made for a really funny blog post! And good to know that 3 year olds can still fit in onsies :)

When We Dance said...

inspiring blog...inspiring family ^_^