Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grandma Visit

Tyler enjoying some "Grandma Time" after dinner. 
Here is Austin at the pumpkin patch.  This little longhorn had massive amounts of saliva.  Thankfully, we always have wipes and sanitizer on hand. 
This little guy also has massive amounts of saliva.  :) 

While Grandma was here we went to a pumpkin patch, had lots of delicious meals, tried a few new resteraunts, made Halloween crafts and played really hard. 
Thanks, Rinda for all the fun.  Austin is still talking about "squished witches."

Halloween 2011 at the ward "trunk or treat."  Austin kept running from our trunk to the trunk of his nursery leader to get candy.  Finally, we got him to branch out and go to a few other cars too. 

Here are the cutest little lion and airplane I ever saw. 

Tyler has been walking since the beginning of October so it was really cute to see him toddle around.  Occationally he would let out a ferocious growl. 

Austin really wanted me to make a robot costume for him, but seeing how we ALL got the stomach flu the week  before Halloween... he got to be a wonderful store bought airplane. 
Maybe next year, son. 

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Amber said...

Cute costumes!!!
We love grandma visits too. "They're the best day ever!"