Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Colorado Trip

 We have been to Colorado three times already this year.  Usually we don't go this often, but we have had quite a few occasions to go.  The first trip was for my dad's 70th birthday, the second was for a family reunion, and the third was for my long time friend, Kelly's wedding.

I had to take a picture of the beautiful mountains.  The week before our trip the wildfires were burning up so these clouds over the mountains were a welcome sight.

Me and the beautiful bride herself!  The wedding was beautiful and didn't skimp on fun either!  I think the only bits of wedding drama was with the weather (it rained) and the bridesmaids dresses.  

Kelly was trying to be extra considerate and find an affordable option for bridesmaid dresses.  (I completely feel for her here.  Finding dresses for the bridesmaids was the BIGGEST headache from my wedding.)  So, that being said...  I love you Kelly and this now makes for a really good story.  

If you look at the photo posted below you will see that my dress is a different color than the others.  Sing it with me... "One of these things is not like the others..."  If you look a little closer you will also see that it is a slightly different style as well.  We all ordered the same dress in the same color from the same website.  (Which we discovered was someplace in China that doesn't have a customer support phone number)  Luckily, Kelly was an incredibly laid back bride and was able to laugh about it.  

My favorite part about the dress is the the tag says it is made from 50% polyester and 50% wire.  Really?  50% wire?  Must be a China thing.  All in all, we ladies all ended up looking very well endowed through the evening.  Props to my friend Lauren (the gal on the right.)  She is sewn into her dress.  

After the wedding festivities had tapered off we headed up towards Estes for the day.  We couldn't keep our little fish out of the river!  The river was SO cold, but that didn't seem to phase Austin.  He sure loves doing all things outdoors with his grandpa!  
        And his mom when no one else is available...      

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