Thursday, November 14, 2013


Rudeshime, pronounced like Roodis-hiem, is beautiful!  We thought it was time to learn how to take the German train and so we rode the train from Wiesbaden to Rudeshime.  Unfortunately, we chose to do it on a day when it was overcast and raining.  (We didn't know it was going to rain when we started...)  Even in the rain we still had an amazing day AND we lived to tell about it.  

One fun thing to do in Rudeshime is to take the chair lift up to the top of the mountain/ hill.  We knew we would have an amazing view from the lift and so we bought tickets.  Soon after the tickets were bought the rain started to pour.  We were feeling adventurous and decided to have a go.  

We had rain jackets for Austin and Andrew, but Tyler, fetus, and I tried to stay dry under the umbrella.   

 The view from the top of the hill.  So many of the vineyards we have seen have been terraced into the hillside.  I wonder how they harvest all the grapes?

Here we are!  I would like to note that I was hiking around hills in the rain, and in flip flops.  Not a great combo... I was sure I was going to have a baby on the hill side.  Right before we took the picture shown above I demanded points from Andrew.

Honestly, despite the rain we had a wonderful time.  I've heard we have to head back to Rudeshime to hit the Christmas markets.  
In retrospect we wish we would have driven instead of taking the train, but now we know for next time.  


Susan A. said...

It is going to be sooo much fun living vicariously thru you guys! What incredible memories you will have.

Melissa and Trevor said...

Your pictures are amazing!! There is a German Christmas market here in Chicago that we go to every year, but someday I want to see a real one...maybe before you come back to the states??

Mandy said...

Yes please! We will take you whenever you say the word!