Friday, March 23, 2007

Boulder or Bust!!!

I had the chance to visit beautiful Boulder last week. (Much to Andrew's dismay as he was stuck in Provo going to school)Angela, a friend from school, and I started our vacation last Friday by driving through the Rockies. On the drive we learned a few things- We learned that no matter where you are between Utah and Colorado you can always get the Christian and Country radio stations. In fact, there were normally two or three Christian stations that we could get at any given moment. We had ourselves a pretty good laugh when we heard that one of the christian stations was raising money so that they could start a station in Ireland. Pretty soon we will have Christian station reception from here all the way to Timbuktu. We thought it very appropriate that the theme song for the trip be "Our God is an Awesome God". 2.) We learned that sometimes you have to be careful who you talk to at gas stations. Some middle aged man started talking to us as we were gassing up the car. He was really nice to us until he found out that we were Mormons going to school in Utah. He then proceeded to yell "Stick to the Word!!!!" at us probably until we reached the freeway. That's okay, Our God is an Awesome God. :0) When we finally arrived in Boulder we decided that Mexican food sounded good. I have an odd obsession with cheese enchiladas, and so I ordered three of them. I probably should have guessed that I was ordering too much food when the waiters eyes got really big. As a result I got the biggest plate of cheesy enchiladas I've ever seen. (I was eating them for the rest of the week.)

The next morning we thought Angela needed to see the flatirons and Pearl Street. We started out having brunch at the tea house. It was amazing as always! I think our favorite dish was the granola pancakes. I think I'll have to try making those at home!

We then ventured up Flagstaff and then to Chitaqua. We snapped some really great pictures!

We finished off the day hanging out with Kelly on Pearl Street. We had a good time laughing at the "Boulder Culture" and enjoying all of the street performers. We also had some fun enjoying all of the artisan products that you can find on pearl street. Who actually buys some of that stuff? I don't know!

We spent Sunday relaxing and just enjoying the beautiful weather. We went out and flew a kite. It was great! I haven't done that since I was a little girl. We had a great time, but our fun was cut short when the kite got stuck in a tree. Oh well, fun memories.

We spent the next two days at the shooting range and up at the cabin. Angela had never been shooting before and as it turned out she was a really great shot! I think that Angela should wear her safety glasses all the time! Doesn't she look cute?!

The cabin was beautiful as ever. I think Joge was as happy as I've ever seen him. He was even romping around in the ice cold river. (That can't be good for the back leg). As I get older, I'm gaining more and more appreciation for the solitude of the cabin. All in all we had a wonderful trip, with wonderful food, beautiful scenery, and enjoyable company!

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Bekah and Ike said...

Now that is a good blog! lots of pictures!
I don't know about that freaky picture with you and your friend floating through the air. Reminds me of Ghost Busters for some odd reason. Sorry, you got left behind, Andrew.