Friday, March 9, 2007

We're Bloggers!

We've finally decided to keep up with technology and create a blog! Life has been super busy for both me and Andrew. Andrew had been working at H&R Block preparing taxes for the past few months. I don't know how somebody can be so excited about finances, but I'm glad that he loves what he does. He's been applying for internships and we're hoping he'll find a good one for this summer. As for myself- I'm finishing up my second semester of hygiene school. It has been hard trying to find patients, but somehow things seem to be working out for us. If anyone needs to see the dentist... (I feel like a broken record!)


Peter said...

Cool blog! Now I feel like I'm falling behind cause I don't have a blog too! Do you know if your blog will support RSS readers?


Bekah and Ike said...

We love the blog guys...we're not the best at updating ours, but hey, we try. We miss being up there with everyone! We may be in town in July for a wedding, so if so, we'll definitely have to stop by- you can meet Ike Jr! (or so we call him since we haven't decided on a name yet). Hope all is well! Good luck with work/school.

Jeff said...

hey guys hope your having a good time out there. love ya.