Saturday, May 5, 2007

Our Trip to San Diego

We just got back from a much needed trip to San Diego. It was very relaxing, and lots of fun! We arrived on a Wednesday morning- we were happy to get there because we had some flight complications. After we got to Becky and Bryce's house we decided it would be fun to go to the flower fields.
I don't think I've ever seen so many flowers in one place. I think Becky and I enjoyed it much more than the boys did, but they survived. We spent lots of time doing outdoor activities and eating at great restaurants. We played tennis, went sea kayaking, watched hang gliders, hiked into a cave, went to an outdoor mall and walked by the ocean.
We went to this great little burger joint called Hodad’s. I don’t know what makes those burgers so extraordinary, but they were fabulous! The inside of hodad’s is decorated with license plates all over the walls. We were pretty excited that they decided to put Georgia and Colorado right above our table. Coincidence… I think not! They must have known we were coming!
Another exciting discovery that can be found in San Diego is white cheese dip. Now, I’m not sure people understand how big of a deal this is… we have looked at every Mexican restaurant in the west trying to find this dip. WE FOUND IT!!!

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Ike said...

Yeeeeeeah, SO. CAL!! I must admit I love going down there too. I'm sure you guys deserved every minute of relaxation you got.