Thursday, September 27, 2007

Star Patient!

This is my public thank you to Andrew for sitting through 3 hours worth of scraping, poking, and polishing! To my defense, the three hours he had to endure yesterday was much better than the six hours it took back in February! Everyone look at those pearly whites! (I tried to get Andrew to hold up the spit sucker, but he refused)
Life is passing quickly! Andrew is busy applying for jobs and going to school and H&R Block classes. I'm busy with trying to find patients and primary. I think we are happiest when we have plenty of things to do, but we are finding it hard to make time for each other. I'm sure every married couple feels like this- especially through school. I wish we had awesome happenings to report- but this is it for today.


Alyssa said...

Hello from NY! I found you blog on facebook! Why did I not know it existed before?! You guys are so dang cute!! Miss you guys!!!

Jeff and Brianne said...

Hey, no bonding in marriage is greater than cleaning each other's teeth. You two are doing a heck of a lot better than you think:)