Monday, June 28, 2010

All About Austin

Little Man is now 19 months old and a joy to have. He keeps Andrew and I laughing everyday. He's really developing quite the sense of humor and has been cracking little jokes everyday. He's obsessed with Horses, Cows, Airplanes, and Cars, but mainly the vacuum or "Wackuum". Usually children call for Mommy or Daddy in the morning to come and get them from the crib. Not Austin. He yells "Wack-uuuuuume"
At his 18 month appointment (which was actually at 19 months) I think he was about 33 inches and 27 lbs. I can't remember if that was his exact height, but I do know that he was in the 95% for height and 65% for weight. Pregnancy brain, right?
Speaking of the new baby- Austin is learning to say baby. He actually think that my belly button is called "baby". He also thinks that he and Andrew also have babies. I took him to a friends house the other day and he got to meet his first small baby. He was fascinated, and he kept sweetly petting the baby's head and saying "oooooooooh". It gives me renewed faith that having two kids is doable.
Let's be honest, I already have two kids. I think that three kids are manageable. My boys sure love each other. Austin lights up at the end of the day when Daddy gets home. He's the fun parent at our house. A picture is worth 1,000 words- so I'll leave it with that.


Melissa said...

The story about him waking up saying vacuum cracked me up! What a cute little boy! I just saw that your pregnant (I'm a little behind...) congrats!

Kiara said...

Austin is SO cute! That first picture of him is so adorable... I miss you Mandy! When are you coming to visit me?

Brittany H. said...

haha Cute family!

Alyssa/Jo said...

How fun to get ready for a second baby! I love that picture at the end of the post. Too funny!

I love stories about the funny things kids say and the vacuum is one of those. How cute!

Mark and Adrienne said...

Fun pictures! I can't believe how big Austin is! And I know how you feel, Mark is also the "fun" parent at our house. When Cala is upset, she always cries for Daddy.

I do miss our pool trips, and now we're both pregnant together, it would be perfect! How about you take a trip to New York!

Oh, and I will email you that dessert recipe soon, I promise! I keep forgetting to do it... pregnancy brain :)

Whitney R said...

I laughed out loud - wackuum! So funny. Please video that someday, because it's hilarious.

I hope you are feeling okay! Austin is so so so cute!

Amber said...

Cute pictures!!! I love the last one, and the one of Austin's hair!
We need you to come visit us!

Teresa said...

dads always get to be the fun parents, don't they? what a handsome little guy you have!