Monday, July 5, 2010

We're Animals!

Andrew had the day off of work today so we had an adventure! We took Austin to the Zoo! He LOVES his animals! Unfortunately, we don't know what sounds lots of Zoo animals make... like a hippo, and a rhino, and a kangaroo. Guess we'll have to get creative next time so he doesn't think that everything "Roaaaaaaaaaaars."
He loved the aquarium part of the zoo. There were turtles and crocs in this tank.
We tried to teach Austin how to put his elbows together and then clap (You know, like an alligator?) He just roared and clapped his hands... for about 6 or 7 minutes. I think he scared the little girl that was standing next to him. He's pretty ferocious.
...And now we're home relaxing.
We set up Austin's big boy bed. It's going to be a long transition!


Josh said...

Which zoo?

Jeanette said...

In the Dr. Seuss book "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" a hippopotamus chewing gum says "grum, grum, grum." So, in our house that is what a hippo says! Congratulations on your growing baby! What fun!

Alyssa/Jo said...

I love the little quirks kids have. They are so entertaining and cute. Austin seems like a sweetheart with lots of funny moments to make you laugh!

linnylou said...

fun and cute pics!

hey you never posted about how you found out about #2!

SBK Stewart said...

So fun! We can hardly wait to take Kate to the zoo... however we don't even have half of those awesome animals... I love the roaring! you make me laugh... I was wondering when you will post a pic or two of you and your pregnant belly? I missed out on Austin's pregnancy and would like to this one! thank you! he he

Anjanette said...

He's looking like such a big boy. He's losing the baby look. Good luck with the bed. We're still having issues with Sadie and it has been months.