Thursday, April 7, 2011


At 2 1/2 Austin is such a cheerful boy. He's finally made that transition from toddler to little boy. Sometimes I look at him and wonder when he got so big.
He's still topping the charts with height and up there in weight too. He loves watch Backyardigans, Blues clues, and Dora. He loves hot dogs, pizza, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, and chicken nuggets. He also love to share twizzlers and oreos with his dad. He climbs everywhere and is seemingly fearless. The other day I found him getting into things on top of the fridge. (I could probably write a whole post on his climbing adventures.) He loves playing at the park, soccer, and skateboarding. We're busy trying to get him potty trained, but I think that is going to be a looooong road. He's been asking to wear his diaper so I think I might throw the towel in for a couple of months.
Austin does and says funny things all the time. He tells me on a daily basis that he's going to Colorado on an airplane. Usually this involves getting his shoes on and grabbing the car keys and then heading for the garadge. He then gets frustrated with me that I won't let him drive the car. I should probably add that Austin's daddy backed the family car into the neighbors car at this age. I'm trying not to carry on that tradition.
The other dayAustin wiped his nose on his shirt and said "Oh, Snot! Look mom, I made a rainbow!" The goop pattern on his sleeve was in the shape of a rainbow. We both giggled for a while about that one.
Then the next day our neighbor came over and she was wearing sandals. She has a tattoo on the top of her foot that is a blue dog paw. Given Austin's love of Blue's clues he took one look at her foot and exclaimed " A clue! A clue!" We laughed even harder at this one. Luckily, she's still our friend after repeated offenses like these.
He tries daily to do everything that adults do. He even put me in time out yesterday. I still haven't figured out what I did wrong.
We love our little man and have so much fun raising him!

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