Monday, April 4, 2011

Ty Guy

I love being these boys' mother. Tyler at almost five months is such a social little baby. He is happiest when he is upright and being held by mom or dad. The next best thing to being held is to stand in his exersaucer or lay on the floor with as little clothing as possible. Too bad for him- I'm too attached to my carpet to let him go without his diaper too. He's not a great napper or sleeper, but he gives us just enough so we stay somewhat sane. He hated rice cereal the one time we tried, but loved my strawberry sprinkle doughnut. (Don't worry, he only got to gum a little section.) He's can roll from his tummy to his back and vi ca versa and is getting close to sitting up. He loves his reflection in the mirror and will actually squeal with delight when he makes eye contact with himself. He loves the bath and will kick his little legs, probably for hours, or until we decide we're too wet to let him keep going. He's a pretty particular guy and knows what he wants. Too bad for him we don't understand everything he tries to tell us. Andrew, Austin and I continue to fall more in love with Tyler every day and can't imagine life without him.


Holly Penrose said...

Tyler has gotten so big so fast. Where did the time go. 2 boys!! That will be us soon......SO FUN!

Amber said...

Sooo cute! I can't believe I haven't even met him yet!