Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baronfest 2011

A few months back, Andrew and I were talking about traditions. We made a list of all the different holidays and a few things we wanted to do to celebrate each one. After our list was finished we decided that August was looking a little bare.
And that's how Baronfest was born. Next, we had to come up with a few activities. Red Baron pizza, silly string fights, and glow stick dancing seemed like obvious choices. We also had good intentions of sharing a family history story, creating our own family flag, T-shirts, "Baron Tracks" ice cream and decorating cupcakes. Not enough time in the day for all of the fun. We also decided that Baronfest is an evolving holiday. We'll just add to the fun each year.
Ultimately, we just want to have a day that the kids will look forward to.
It was great to have a night to just have fun and play. We sure love our kiddos!


emuli said...

Mandy, I absolutely love it! We might copy you a little in the future (although I don't think our Heaton day will be in August...seems slammed for our family events so far). What a fun idea and you're stellar enough to even pull it off! Can't wait to talk to you.

Jana and Ray said...

Mandy! Your boys are so cutie! Look like you are doing well!

Christie said...

What a fun idea, I love it! Family traditions are the best!

Mark and Adrienne said...

That sounds like fun and totally sounds like you guys! I love the idea! And I wish we had had as much luck taking away Cala's binkie as you had taking away Tyler's paci. We also did the binkie fairy, and Cala cried and screamed for 4 nights straight and wouldn't go to sleep until about 11pm! We finally gave in and let her "borrow" Ethan's binkie for a few nights :)

eveningcl said...

How warm picture, how happy family