Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paci Fairy

We took away Austin's Paci last month. Well, technically, he gave it up. He put his pacifiers in a basket and left them on the front porch for the "Paci Fairy" so she could give them to the babies that need them. In return she left him a big boy bike and a toy. Overall, he is doing really well and has only asked for them back a handful of times. He told me that " The babies do NOT need them, I need them!" and "Mom, The fairy needs to give them back to me!" Thank you Super Nanny for the idea.
I have been putting this off for months now for various reasons. I didn't want Austin to freak out because we let Tyler have a paci, I still love my "break" while the kids nap etc. Why take it now - you ask? Aside from the fact he's way too old to have it... I took a look at Austin's mouth and noticed he's starting to have an open bite. (In non dental terms that means his back teeth touch and his front teeth don't) After reading tons of mom forums I'm hoping that most of the problem will self correct over the next couple of months. As a hygienist I KNOW better!!! Yes, I'm kicking myself, but he does love the bike.
He goes "Speed Fast!!!"

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Jenny said...

I was just looking at pictures of Sofia from before we got rid of her binky and her top front teeth have definitely improved in the last 9 months. They don't stick out as much as they used to. Austin's will get better too.