Thursday, January 3, 2013

Boo to you!

We had a very Happy Halloween.  Really, it was like we had two Halloweens between our church party and then the actual holiday.  The kids were in 7th Heaven.  Austin was confused as to why we got to go twice (and now thinks that should be the case with every holiday.)  He was also confused as to why all his candy magically went missing... it was delicious.  I know what you're thinking- we didn't really eat it.  We are not that mean.  It's just "hiding" in the laundry room and I may or may not sneak a piece every time I'm in there.

Tyler is thinking "Sure, I'll smile for canny (candy).  I'll do ANYTHING for canny"

Both boys enjoyed eating doughnuts on a string.  It was cute watching Tyler chase the doughnut around with an open mouth.  Finally the couple running the booth decided to hold the doughnut for him so he could actually get a bite.  Austin had no problem eating it and wonders why there are not doughnuts every time he goes to primary.  

We ended up trick or treating with most of the kids on our street.  
Tyler and Austin both went for suckers this year.  
Until next year... Happy Halloween!


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