Monday, August 5, 2013

Burg Eltz Castle

 We got a great recommendation (thank you Rick Steve's European travel book)  to visit Burg Eltz Castle.  It was built in the 12th Century and has remained in it's family's possession since.  Can you believe this building is 850 years old?!  It is amazingly intact, and gives you an idea of what castle life must have been like.

One thing I have been impressed with since coming to Europe is the architecture.   Buildings from history have so much more life and vibrance than I had originally envisioned.  I can't believe the detail that goes into these castles!

We had to walk down a steep hill in order to get into the valley where the castle was.  Along the road there were engravings/ carvings.  Many of the works of art depicted Christ or religious scenes.  I love it.  

This is a view of inside the castle grounds.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside, but they have tried to keep "period pieces".  Our tour guide was a little uptight and didn't know how to handle children crying (not ours this time).  I guess I can't blame him since he is trying to preserve a building close to a thousand years old...

There was also an incredible treasury and weapons case inside.  It was little kid heaven... Ok, who am I kidding.  It was heaven for Andrew.  
Upon entering the grounds we were given stickers.  What better place for a castle sticker than on your chest.  

We enjoyed our tour and I'm glad we were able to go before the baby was born.  It would have been interesting trying to navigate around here with a newborn.   


Stewart Family said...

Um...did you move to Germany???? Also you look great!! :) I'm anxious for a response. When is that baby due??

Mandy said...

We did move to Germany. We are here for 3 years and Baby Zach came a month after we got here. :)

Steve n Becca said...

What?! Well that is certainly an adventure! Good luck! Glad baby is ok as well as your family! :)