Monday, July 22, 2013

Germany or Bust!

After selling our house, a trip to Mexico, and living in hotels for 3 weeks we finally headed to the much anticipated Germany!  We were feeling excited, adventurous, nervous, anxious, and slightly bloated (due to being 8 months pregnant)  about the trip.   

 Here are the boys on their "chariots" riding through the airport.  The suitcase riding was tricky while trying to navigate the airport with 4 other super sized suitcases.  I'm grateful for a patient husband who pulled two boys through the airport and then sat in-between them on the plane for the next 10 hours. I got to sit in the middle section, on an aisle, with an empty seat next to me.  I wasn't complaining.

 The boys were fantastic on the flight!  The only hiccup per-say was when austin gagged on his silverware and threw up all over himself.  Luckily we had the boys clothing in our carry on luggage and were able to clean him up quickly.  Funny enough, this not so modest boy decided that he was worried about people seeing his underwear on the plane.  We were able to make him a changing tent out of the complimentary blanket.  Whew!
The view from our hotel in Wiesbaden.

We flew into Frankfurt and traveled south to Wiesbaden where we would stay for the next month and a half.  The Army hotel that we were supposed to be staying in was full, so we got a suite at another hotel.  It was awesome... except for the fact that we had no kitchen.

We realized the first day that we were in Germany that we didn't have the information/ documentation that I needed to be able to get on the military base here.  That meant I couldn't buy anything on base, get my drivers license, register for housing, or really anything official.   In other words, I couldn't do anything important when we were trying to get important things done.  It was frustrating, but it could have been worse, right?

I was able to find an American trained Dr. in Wiesbaden that happened to be about a mile from our hotel.  It was comforting to know that she would at least be able to read my medical records and understand me.  It was a trek making it to the office, but we made it!  I got quite a few funny looks as I walked to my appointments pushing one kid in the stroller, carrying one on my back, and another in my stomach.  Life experiences...

The hotel and staff were so nice and accommodating.  We stayed on the top floor at the end of a long hall and that meant a prime race track (and a melt down for whichever child didn't get to push the elevator button.)  This was usually accompanied by lots of crying, stomping, and embarrassment from the parents.

By the end of our 3 weeks in the Dorint hotel, we had learned our colors in German (thanks to the candy dish at the reception area and two little candyholics), how to order McDonalds, that we LOVE being able to call room service, and how to walk to the Eis (ice cream) shop.  We were also able to buy this little beauty.  I think I'll name it Zippy.
It's amazing how tied down you feel in a foreign country with a foreign language, and no car.  I'm so grateful for new friends who were willing to have us over for homemade meals, drive us to and fro, and just help us in general.  We are truly blessed.  

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