Thursday, January 23, 2014

Adventures with Grandma

Really, everything is an adventure when you put my mom and I together.  

There is a wild animal park about a mile from our home.  They specialize in birds of prey, but also have hogs, donkeys, goats, horses, guinea pigs, moose, etc.  Pretty random grouping if you ask me...  Austin loved the donkey.  He walked all the way around his pen next to Austin, probably because he was being fed.  Austin kept whispering to him "It's ok, I'll take you home with me."  

(The goats also love to be fed--- really, really, really love to be fed- as in head but you out of the way to get what they want hungry.  I feared for Tyler's life.)

 We unintentionally let half of the goats in the pen loose into the wild park.  We were able to bribe most of the smaller goats back into the pen, but there was one old grey goat that was so stubborn.  Once she was where she wanted to be she would not budge an inch!  In the picture you can see that she stood in the threshold of the gate so it couldn't be closed.  Stinker.

Mom, thanks for going with us even though you hate the zoo.  

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