Saturday, March 8, 2014


 One of the two trips we ventured out on while my mom was here was to Trier.  It is an amazing city that dates back to 16 B.C.  It is considered (one of/ if not) the oldest city in Germany and has Roman influence in the ruins.

Here are some of the gardens that are in Trier.  Everything is so green here, even in the fall and winter.
There are Greek statues positioned throughout the garden and it is entertaining to match the statue with the Greek god.  I just finished reading "Percy Jackson" so that made it easier/ more entertaining.  

I find the streets here charming.  That is, unless I'm driving.  Then I find them frustratingly narrow, and hate my minivan.  I also don't find them charming when Austin trips on the cobble stones and cuts his lip open, like he did this day.  Austin is our sensitive guy, and has a really hard time dealing with any kind of pain/ blood.  
Another "adventure" from the day was with Tyler.  We had just started to potty train Tyler.  He wasn't getting it.  We decided rather than navigating bathrooms, that you have to pay for, we would slap a diaper on him.  At the end of the day as we were walking back to our car when we noticed Tyler was stepping on a diaper.  I was entirely grossed out!  Who leaves a diaper on the road?!  Sick!

Upon further inspection we noticed that is was actually Tyler's own diaper that had detached, fallen down his pant leg, and dangled from his shoe for who knows how long.  To make it better, I had forgotten a diaper to change him into.  Luckily, he held it for the 2 hour drive home.

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