Saturday, March 8, 2014

Strasbourg, France

 My Mom's 70th birthday happened while she was here.  We decided to venture out to Strasbourg for the day with our 3 monkeys.  Hardly relaxing, but we had a great time.

On the drive there.  We are SO mature and had a good laugh at the sign.  I was having a particularly  hormonal-I just had a baby- day and suggested that I stand under the sign for a photo.  At some point we will go to Bitche, France and then I will get the photo.  Ha!   

The Germans and French are very serious about their gardening.  This was a roundabout just off the highway.  

 The Strasbourg train station.  We started by parking here and visiting the tourism shop.  I'm grateful to have taken french because they can't *ahem* won't speak very much english.  

La Petite France

She wanted to push the stroller so she could do "the old lady lean."  Ok, just kidding.  

 Our lunch place "La Petite Venise" in La Petite France.  It was delicious!  We must have looked like a circus, because there was another table of ladies who kept staring at us.  I told myself it was because of my cute 3 week old baby, but who knows.  The older women here stop and stare.  Maybe next time I should strike a pose? 

Zachy, or "Whosit," as affectionately named by Grandma, trying to burp.  
Tyler unhappy because the french Limonade wasn't lemonade... or because it was nap time.  

Charming city.  

 On the drive home we decided to drive up through Baden Baden, Germany.  I put it in the GPS and we ended up an hour and a half south of where we were trying to go.  Blonde moment, sleep deprived, any excuse?  So this is Baden street- somewhere.  At least I got a beautiful picture for all the trouble, right?

When we finally made it home we were too worn out to make a cake.  So we ate left over cake and sang to Grandma.  Classy, huh?

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